Brenda Shears

Brenda Squat

I took up sailing when I was 65. About five years later I became acutely aware that my strength was significantly diminished as I tried harder to raise sails or work with docking lines. I knew that if I wanted to keep an active role on the sailboat, I needed to do something.

Some of my younger friends were enthusiastic about Crossfit, and I could see the results they were getting. So at 71 I decided to see if I could even begin the program. Mind you, I couldn’t even do a squat! My goals were to increase my strength, flexibility, and endurance. And now, one year later, there’s no question that Crossfit is right for me. No other exercise regime has been as much fun or given me the measurable results of the Crossfit program. It keeps me moving. It challenges me. And no, I don’t do the same exercises at the same intensity as the 25, 40, or even 50 year old training next to me. Inherent in Crossfit philosophy is the ability to have a shared experience, yet scaled on a personal level. As a result each member at Crossfit Tempe can feel the glow of his or her personal accomplishments within the context of a positive and supportive group experience guided by a knowledgeable coach. That sail goes up easier today, and I am more in control of how I want to age!

Brenda Salining