Membership Cancellation Request Form

Form must be submitted at least 30 business days before next billing date for changes to be effective for that billing date. Your account will be cancelled after the next billing cycle.  A copy of this cancellation will be emailed to you for your records.

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By submitting this form, I am giving CrossfitTempe my 30 day written notice to cancel my membership. Please save response from CrossfitTempe staff of this cancellation for your records. I understand that my membership will be canceled 30 days from the next billing date this form was submitted. I understand that I will be charged/debited for the use of the facility during my 30 day cancellation period. Upon completion of the 30 day cancellation period, my membership shall then be considered terminated. Should I choose to rejoin CrossfitTempe after the termination of my membership, I will have to pay at the then current rate.