Three years ago, on May 15th, Ken became a CrossFit Affilate owner!! We will be celebrating this incredible occassion with the annual Memorial Day Hero WOD – MURPH on Saturday May 28th at 9 am! After Murph there will be a BBQ Potluck, (CFT will be supplying the meat) a waterballoon fight and some kiddie pool lounging!!

Please bring something yummy to share and BYOB!! Since it will be hot and Murph is a long WOD we will be starting promptly at 9am so please arrive a little early. Can’t wait to celebrate!!

CrossFit Tempe – Kodiak Kids


jumping jacks, mountain climbers, lunges, burpees, grasshoppers

Skill / Technique

balloon passes (egg toss, walking, carioca)


AMRAP (8 minutes), with a partner

Throw water balloon over barrier a total of 4 times (two each)

Sprint 50m together.

If balloon is not popped, then you can smash it


Target practice: throw balloons into bucket


tag, or relay races.