Featured Coach: AJ Pitkin

Why do you coach?

I coach Crossfit because it has a lot of parallel and tangible application across multiple environments: group work, leadership, personal and relational development, coaching other sports, and even parenting to name a few. I also love helping people.

What do you love about coaching?

I love helping people grow from a place of limited knowledge/ability to proficiency. That’s what I love about the Onramp class. Many of the athletes come in thinking they’ll never be able to do certain movements or specific workouts. It’s awesome watching them graduate with confidence.

What’s your coaching pet peeve?

Fear is a difficult thing to coach. We all bring various “fears” into our workouts and that can affect our results. It bums me out when an athlete allows fear to discourage them from doing or finishing a workout. My goal is to coach through their fears and encourage little victories.

What’s your favorite/least favorite move to coach? (and why)

I don’t have a favorite/least favorite move to coach, but I absolutely hate thrusters…so I get a sick enjoyment out of making athletes do that movement!

What do you do outside of coaching- for a living and for fun?

I work full time for an organization called Young Life. Young Life is an outreach ministry for at-risk junior high and high school students.  I’m currently working on a Masters in Theology (four classes left)! I’m also a freshman football and baseball coach at Corona del Sol high school.

For fun I love getting outdoors. Surfing, hiking, camping, fishing, hunting… I love it all.