Featured Coach: Christian Smart

Why do you coach?

I coach because I think it’s fun and I’m good at it.

What do you love about coaching?

Watching people get better day after day, and improving my own coaching skills

What’s your coaching pet peeve?

I hate hearing the word “can’t”. ┬áNothing makes me happier when I’m coaching than seeing an athlete challenge themselves to get better rather than just telling themselves that they “can’t” do it.

What’s your favorite/least favorite move to coach?

My favorite lift to teach is overhead squats, because of the complexity of the movement, and it’s the precursor to the snatch. My least favorite is clean and jerk, mainly because I’m just not very fond of them personally.

What do you do outside of coaching- for a living and for fun?

I spend time with my friends and play copious amounts of video games