Featured Coach: Dan Collinsworth

dan_collinsworth-groupWhy do you coach?
I coach because I love to help others. A lot of times the being more physically fit enhances other areas of our lives. It gives us self confidence that we never had before. It allows us to look at failure as a stepping stone on the path to acquiring a new skill instead of as a roadblock. I love to help others find this self-confidence and see where it takes them.

What do you love about coaching?
I absolutely love seeing people accomplish something for the first time or pushing themselves further than they thought was possible. I will never forget the day a member of ours almost gave up during a workout. It was Friday, the end of a long week and they were new to CrossFit. The workout was difficult and this movement in particular was more mentally taxing than physically. It produced the, “I can’t do this factor” of the workout for this person. Instead of giving up though, we talked through it, they pushed through it (one painful rep at a time) and finished it. Since that day they haven’t been the same. They may not recognize it, but I do. That self-confidence that was absent before is there now, and it’s awesome .

What’s your coaching pet peeve?
Know-it-alls. As a coach we’re trying to keep you safe and we like it when you listen to us.

What’s your favorite/least favorite move to coach? (and why) Favorite: Thrusters because they are devastating and simple. Least favorite: none we need them all!

What do you do outside of coaching- for a living and for fun? For a living I do payroll for a staffing firm here in Tempe. For fun I CrossFit with my friends (it’s not really working out, more like hanging out) and hike/play with my kiddos .