Featured Coach: Jenny

Why do you coach?

jenny_faceIt’s fun! CrossFit changed my life and I love being able to help other people change theirs.

What do I love about coaching?

I love to watch as a person meets a goal or masters a movement they didn’t think was possible.

Coaching pet peeve?

Having to repeat myself because people are not listening as I explain what is happening in a class (especially when they walk away early from the conversation). Answering questions and clarifying is great- I welcome all questions and love talking!! But find it frustrating to talk over people who aren’t listening.

Favorite movement to coach?

Pull ups. It’s been so fun asking people to retire their bands and watching as they do their first unassisted pull ups.

Least favorite movement?

No least favorite, some are just more challenging to coach than others.

What do you do outside of coaching- for a living and for fun?

I’m lucky enough to say what I do for a living and fun (most days) are one and the same. My full time job is being a stay at home mom of three awesome kids. I’m also a yoga teacher and I’ve recently started back to school so I can become a Holistic Nutrition & Wellness Practitioner.