Ana MarstanovicMost people have experienced the muscle tension and soreness that you feel after a high intensity workout such as CrossFit. Foam rollers and lacrosse balls do a fair job at working out the knots, but sometimes you need a bit more. Massage therapy is an excellent tool for post-exercise recovery, or to prevent injury by easing pain and tension. Some benefits of massage include:
•       Flushes out lactic acid that builds up in the muscles after physical activity, thus reducing soreness.
•       Stretches muscles, fascia, and connective tissue, leading to better mobility and range of motion.
•       Increases circulation and lymphatic drainage, which reduces inflammation and aids in healing.
We offer 30 minute spot treatment massages for specific ailments, and 60 minutes for a more thorough, therapeutic treatment, or if you’d just like a relaxing maintenance massage.
30 minute Spot Treatment – $30
60 minute Therapeutic or Maintenance – $60

Ana Marstanovic, LMT
Ana received her massage therapy training from The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Flagstaff in 2009 and has been working with clients ever since to relieve pain, ease tension, improve mobility and performance, and promote recovery and relaxation. She uses a range of modalities in her practice, including deep tissue, sports, Swedish, trigger point, and myofascial release techniques to create customized sessions for each client. While living in Flagstaff, she worked alongside a chiropractor to develop treatment plans for patients being treated for accident injuries and chronic pain conditions. Her main focus and passion now lies in therapeutic massage.
Ana started doing Crossfit several months ago and already loves it and the unique perspective it offers her in being able to treat her clients. She also enjoys hiking, camping, and exploring the outdoors.


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