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Nutrition Coaching at CrossFit Tempe


So many of us have lost weight, gained weight… lost weight…gained weight… Binge diets, paleo, juice fasts, low carb, low fat, you name it- we’ve done it! We lose weight, but sometimes we lose muscle, too; and when those extra pounds come back, they come back with a vengeance. Or, we’re eating super healthfully, but hit a wall, and can’t seem to break through it. No energy. No PRs. No fun eating out. Deprived… blah.


12512109_10208292422365109_1200072762_nOur “Eat To Perform” certified nutrition coach, Caterina D’Agrosa, offers macros-based nutritional guidance to help you enhance your performance as an athlete, lean out, build muscle, and fix your metabolism. You can eat whatever you like, but note that you cannot out exercise a bad diet. I’ll always suggest you eat good, healthy foods; lots of vegetables, lean proteins, fruits. But you also need fats, and carbohydrates to stay healthy and thrive. You need to drink enough water, get enough sleep. All of these things will affect how your body builds muscle, and processes and stores fat.

This is not a “diet”, and you won’t drop 10,000 pounds in two days. I guarantee that. You should plan on committing at least 3 months, depending on what your nutritional history is. Every single body is different, so there will be some experimentation to see what works FOR YOU. You might feel fluffy at times. But, if you do this right, you’ll have more energy for your workouts, set new personal records, build more muscle, and lean out faster. You’ll sleep better, feel better, live better.

The basic plan includes personalized macros, advice on when to eat what throughout your day, what foods might be best for you. I’ll check in with you once a week or so to see how things are going, and help you troubleshoot. $45/month. Contact for more information.