Our Coaches and Staff



Ken Miller – Head Coach/OwnerKen

-CrossFit Level 1 Certified

Ken started what is now known as CrossFit Tempe in 2013. He turned his weight around from close to 550 lbs, to 275 lbs. He was not on the “The Biggest Loser” or “Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition” he did it all with CrossFit and Paleo. His success fueled him to get his Level 1 Cert and pay it forward by opening his own CrossFit affiliate. Ken is the heart of our box. His desire is to have everyone, no mater their fitness level (even no fitness level), shape or age achieve their fitness goals. It can be done, he proves it every day!


Armando Cruz – Head CoachCruz coach pic

  • CrossFit Level 2 Certified
  • Pre & Postnatal Strength & Conditioning

My name is Armando Cruz but everyone at our box knows me as Cruz. I have been doing CrossFit for over 4 years now. I first met Ken at our first CrossFit box back in Mesa, AZ. Ken helped me get my CrossFit L1 back in 2013 and I have been coaching for Ken since then. I got my CrossFit L2 in September 2016 and Pre-and-Postnatal Strength and Condition certification in December 2016.

I am a full-time student currently attending MCC and transferring to ASU for my Bachelors in Exercise Science. I am currently Ken’s Head Coach/Manager and have been since early 2016. My main goal is to be an awesome coach before an athlete, seeing our community continue to grow and exceed in their fitness journeys are my favorite type of PRs. I am excited to see what the future holds for myself and CrossFit Tempe. I believe we have one of the best CrossFit communities in the Valley. Fitness for All.


Caterina D’AgrosaCaterina

-CrossFit Level 1 Certified

– Other certs and courses:

CrossFit Kids certified

Eat to Perform Coaches’ Course

I originally grew up in Mexico City, and moved to the US as a teenager. I’ve always been physically active, growing up playing tennis, but once I discovered CrossFit I was hooked. It’s an addiction, for sure. I truly believe that if I can do CrossFit anyone can do it too!  Just do your best today, whatever that is.


Jenny LewisJenny

– CrossFit Level 1 Certified

– Other certs and courses:

200 Hour Certified Yoga Instructor

Jenny has been practicing yoga for seven years, originally discovering it as an alternative to weightlifting while pregnant. She started seeing improvements both in her mind and body as she continued to blend the two as part of her fitness routine.  As a result of her love of both yoga and Crossfit, Jenny became a 200 hour certified yoga instructor and an L1 Crossfit Coach. She teaches both in hopes to help other people understand how these two very different activities compliment each other.


Christian Smart
coach-christian_smart-CrossFit Level 1 Certified

I started CrossFit after leaving active duty Marine Corps in 2013 and I needed to find a way to stay physically active.  I am originally from Gypsum, Colorado and moved to Tempe AZ to study Computer Programming.  I love coaching and watching people better themselves in physical fitness.  Plus there are very few moments more memorable that hitting your fitness milestones.



Zach Moran

zach_over_phxI am Zachary Moran, a graduate from Sacred Heart University (Fairfield, CT) in 2014, where I competed as a division I wrestler and studied as a pre-med student. I started crossfitting in 2008 when introduced to it from a marine captain, but I have had experience lifting since high school athletics. After graduating from university, I turned my focus to coaching and competing as a crossfit athlete for the past 2 years. However, recently I have decided to further my education in medical school to become a naturopath doctor here in Arizona. I have a strong background in all aspects of the sport, including weightlifting, mobility, and programming, but most importantly I am extremely passionate for the athletes I coach.

  • Crossfit Level 3 Certification
  • Crossfit Endurance
  • Crossfit Olympic lifting
  • Crossfit Kids
  • BS Exercise Science 2013 & Biology 2014



Eric RendonEric– Leader of the CrossFit Tempe Barbell Club

USAW Sports Performance Coach

I’m Eric Rendon, I’m originally for Los Angeles and have been in Arizona since 2006 and graduated from Arizona State University in 2014. I became involved with CrossFit in early 2013 and I have loved it ever since. My interest in Olympic weightlifting increased during my time at ASU. During my final year of school I helped with the start up of the ASU Barbell Club. I enjoy spending time in the gym and spending time with my fiancé and our 2 kiddos. My favorite CrossFit moments are when I get to compete with friends. Competing with friends has been some of the best times I’ve had in CrossFit.


Kevin Bunn

kevin_bunnI grew up in Blacksburg, Virginia and lived there most of my life. I found Crossfit in 2013 when I was looking for a group of people to train with after my friends left. What I found in crossfit was so much more. I gained such a better understanding of what being truly “fit” is. Always feeling compelled to help people, I got my L1 6 months later at Crossfit Mayhem. I have coached in VA, CA, and now AZ! I got to work as a trainer under an American Open weightlifter and L2 seminar staff intern. While in California I coached 6 months full time and devoted all of my free time to training. I am looking forward to working with both classes and one-on-one clients at Crossfit Tempe!