Hi everyone! 😀Ken asked me to share my CrossFit story so here it is! You may want to read it before bed it’ll probably put you right to sleep, it’s not very exciting… 😴

TracyI decided to give CrossFit a try because the cool kids were doing it and all I’ve ever wanted out of life was to be cool!! 🤓 I started CrossFit with a trial 10 class punch card. And it was HORRIBLE. 😫 I was a competitive swimmer in high school, but during college and the few years after college my exercising consisted of going to the gym once in a while to run on the treadmill at a turtle pace. 🐢🐢 So let’s just say I was pretty out of shape when I started… To this day I still have no idea what CrossFit movements and workouts I actually did during that first month. Most people can remember their first CrossFit workout and their first few experiences… not me. I don’t remember a single movement I ever did in that first month. I’m pretty sure my brain blocked it all out due to the pain and pure horribleness. All I remember from that first month was that I paid for a 10 class punch card and I wanted to get my money’s worth so even though it was horrible I kept going. I realized really quickly that CrossFit did not make me cool at all. It actually made me even more uncool because I could no longer function in life. I couldn’t sit down, go upstairs, pee, wash my hair, get out of my car or turn my steering wheel without looking extremely awkward due to how sore my body was. And the worst part was, I couldn’t laugh without my abs feeling like they were on fire – and of course every time I would stand up or sit down in an awkward way I would laugh at myself which only caused more pain. I couldn’t wait to be done with that punch card.

A few weeks after my punch card ended and all the initial soreness wore off, I missed CrossFit. What I missed about it, I wasn’t sure, but I knew I had to go back. I joined in the spring of 2013. My first favorite moment of CrossFit was when Coach Ken invited me to his birthday WOD – I finally became a cool kid! 👍😀 It worked!

During my first few months of CrossFit my grandpa passed away unexpectedly and I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye. I was really struggling and heartbroken and CrossFit was one of the few things that helped me take my mind off of how sad I was. And the friends I had made were all so supportive, it made me realize that CrossFit was so much more than just a gym. I loved having friends to laugh with and be silly with while I was working out. It made everything in the world better.

My favorite thing about CrossFit (besides the community) 👯 is that there is ALWAYS something to be better at and to work towards. I love how there are so many components to CrossFit, it entertains me! Repetition really bores me (Karen is the world’s most awful workout ever created and I don’t trust anyone who likes it). 😵 The constant drive to be better and to achieve more is addicting. Although PRs are extremely exciting about 10 minutes after I hit a PR I’m already thinking of a new PR I want to hit next time. My favorite movements are all squats (not wall balls though – those are stupid) and rope climbs!! I was originally terrified to climb a rope, but once I got the hang of it, I loved them!!

My biggest struggle in CrossFit is my own head. My mental toughness is a constant battle. In my first months of CrossFit I only lifted the barbell. Armando had to force me to put weights on the barbell to get me to realize I could lift more than 45lbs. I still to this day don’t like to know the weight on my barbell because I psyche myself out and start to think I can’t lift it. But I have learned tips that help. The words “light weight” are my favorite to say to myself. It takes away all the crazy thoughts about how heavy the weight is in my head. I also really thrive off of others believing in me. When someone says you’ve got this in the middle of a lift, I’m like yeah, you’re right, I’ve got this! My least favorite movements are power cleans and have I mentioned I hate wall balls? I always hit myself in the face or end up licking the ball ‪#‎sogross‬ 😭.

Last year was by far my most exciting CrossFit year. I hit PRs I never thought possible. My 2015 goal was to RX all gymnastic movements. It was a pretty insane goal but I was tired of not being able to RX metcons because of it. At the end of 2014 I could do a few toes to bar. By the end of 2015 I could do HSPUs, kipping pull-ups, rope climbs, right legged pistols (I’m working on my left leg – it has some stability issues 😫), double-unders and kipping ring dips. I also hit a 200lb back squat this year which was a goal I had from beginning CrossFit!! 😀😀

My advice to any new CrossFitter is to just keep going. CrossFit is hard. I hate CrossFit regularly because it’s so hard. I threw the barbell coming off of a failed OHS squat because I was frustrated beyond believe (don’t tell Ken or Wes) I’ve cried when I’ve failed a lift or when I didn’t live up to my expectations. I’ve smashed myself in my chin on a jerk and still have a scar, I’ve torn my hands up from pull-ups, and I’ve smashed my face into the ground failing a HSPU, but I keep going. And I keep going because all of that is part of the journey that has led me to accomplish all of those above goals. It has brought me to so many moments of pure joy. Moments I will never forget. Moments that no one can ever take away from me because I earned them and I worked hard for them.


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  1. Tracy, this was the least bit of boring that you perceived it to be… I found your testimony very inspiring and quite interesting. I’ve been looking at videos of CROSSFIT lately and it scares me. But I love the challenge. I’m about to turn 49 this April and ask myself if it’s too late in the game to even try this???🤔😔 I don’t know… Hmmmm what drives me to want to hurt, to be fit, to challenge this old out of shape body. Guess I’ll never know until I try.
    Thanks Tracy. You have INSPIRED an old lady to keep herself motivated! 😜 stay 😎 cool kid!

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