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About Us

How are we different from the other CrossFit gyms you’ve been researching?

If you found this page, you’re looking for something that sets us apart. You’ve searched the internet about CrossFit, you have friends or family who are either doing it or tried it and you are looking for the right box (that’s what we call CrossFit gym locations). Price and Location are always the first questions, those answers are here on this site, but what is it about CrossFit Tempe that makes you want to visit use and become a member of our family?

It's all about the T!

Yes, the T in our logo is for Tempe. But it is also about so much more…

  • Transformation: We are here to change you body, mind and fitness. Our head coach and owner opened CrossFit Tempe to help get people health after it helped him transform his lifestyle and loose over 300 pounds (read his bio on the site).
  • Tenacity: You will want to keep coming back and getting better and achieving more in fitness then you thought possible. You won’t know how to give up.
  • Train: Learn to climb a rope, do pull-ups, walk on your hands, lift barbells overhead and even muscle-ups. Skills you will learn and practice over time, and train safely.
  • Teamwork: We train together in our classes. Everyone encourages each other. We don’t have a part of our class doing one exercise, another group doing something else and a third doing their own workouts. Our workouts are scaled for your fitness level but programmed for a team.
  • Togetherness: We all start together and finish the class, together, as a team, as a community, as a family.

Our intimate classes creates an environment for you to excel and not feel overwhelmed. We encourage you to visit and see what we are all about. Take our free 9 a.m. Saturday class or call to arrange coming in for a class during the week.