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Gymnastics Club

Welcome to Gymnastics Club, CrossFit friends!

Do you lack mobility or flexibility? Do you struggle with static balance and coordination? Are you struggling with handstands, muscle ups or bar kipping?

If any of these things apply to you, or if you just desire gaining an incredible amount of strength, body awareness and skill progression, Gymnastics Club is the class for you! No matter what age, ability or experience level you are, this class accommodates everyone.

Gymnastics not only improves your strength and physical abilities in ways no other sport can, but it also teaches every key fundamental you need to be successful in the sport of CrossFit. You are GUARANTEED to progress with CrossFit skills twice as fast by participating in Gymnastics Club! Our primary focuses are joint/muscle flexibility, static balance/coordination, increase in all over body strength, handstand progressions/challenges, some tumbling skills, bar kipping, bar muscle ups, rope climbing and ABOVE ALL having FUN!!!

Step out of your comfort zone and come have fun at Gymnastics Club, you will be glad you did!

For class days and times refer to the class schedule.