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Struggling to reach your toes? Unable to fully extend your arms overhead? Tight hamstrings? Tight hips? Need core strength? Want to be a better Crossfitter?

If you said yes, to any of these questions, then we have a class for you! Come check out yoga class. For class days and times refer to the class schedule.

Top 5 Reasons for a CrossFit Athlete to Try Yoga:

  1. It will improve your range of motion and general mobility

    How often does your coach say fully extend, drop your butt lower, pull your core in tight? With the addition of yoga, you may drastically reduce the amount of times you hear those statements. Practicing specific yoga poses may help you gain the range of motion needed to squat lower or extend your arms overhead for lifts, wall balls or pull-ups.

  2. Breathe more efficiently

    Stopping to catch your breath is something we’ve all done during a wod. Yoga will help you connect movement with breath allowing you to make the most out of each inhalation and exhalation during a workout.

  3. Learn to focus

    Wall balls. Do you find yourself missing the target or not hitting it in the same place twice? With a yoga practice, you can develop the habit of finding a point of focus, allowing you to hit the target *almost* every time.

  4. Balance

    Trying to stabilize yourself in an exercise can be challenging. Whether it’s taking a step forward or back, side to side, or simply stopping your movement in order to get better positioning, balance is important. Yoga will help you build your core strength and help you practice balance so you can rock those pistols, hand stand walks or overhead squat.

  5. It’s FUN!

    Stepping on your mat is an adventure each and every time. Just like in CrossFit, you will be challenged to do new things; you will be pushed both mentally and physically to step out of your comfort zone. And both end with you laying on the floor enjoying some much needed rest.