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New To CrossFit? Awesome.

Starting anything new can be daunting, but we know you'll love us. CrossFit Tempe is going to be your second home.

New to fitness? Do you hate working out alone? Do you find regular gyms boring or are your workouts becoming monotonous? Do you struggle making up your own workouts? Are you looking to look better naked, lose body fat, maintain/gain lean muscle-mass, and improve your quality of life? If you answered yes to any of these questions then CrossFit is right for you. Fill out the contact form and we will get in touch with you about getting you started!

If you have never done CrossFit before do not worry, we have you covered with our On-Ramp program. Our On-Ramp class consists of 4 one on one personal training sessions and is specifically designed to teach new CrossFitters the basics of CrossFit. Just like a highway on-ramp, it is designed to get you up to speed on both strength building techniques and metabolic conditioning. We start all athletes off with little to no weight to ensure your technique is good before we let you load up.

While we realize we aren’t necessarily going to turn you into a Ferrari in 3 sessions, we don’t want you to be the bicycle on the I-10 either. You’ll continue to learn and refine your technique in the regular classes.

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