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Tempe Transformation

The Tempe Transformation Program is a custom program designed by someone who has “walked the walk” of extreme weight loss. We want to be a key factor in your fitness journey. Inspired and written by our Head Coach and Owner, Ken Miller, who has had enormous weight loss via CrossFit, CrossFit Tempe has created this program to address your needs.

The Tempe Transformation class and one-on-one sessions with Coach Ken create a comfortable environment, FREE OF JUDGEMENT. Only those enrolled in the Tempe Transformation program will be in attendance, and the workouts will contain movements designed with the Tempe Transformation member in mind. The class will be coached by Ken Miller, who knows first-hand what it takes to be a Transformation Athlete!

The Bottom Line

Tempe Transformation is a tightly focused program that uses elements of CrossFit for weight loss, restoration of movement, strength, and most importantly confidence building. In general, CrossFit can be intimidating, especially when coaches really don’t understand your needs, concerns, and request for modifications. But we also know it CAN WORK FOR YOU! That’s why we created this program. Let us be one part of your lifestyle change and begin that journey TODAY.

Tempe Transformation