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What is CrossFit?

What is CrossFit? CrossFit Tempe< is a registered affiliate of CrossFit Inc. If you are new to CrossFit you can get a good explanation from the CrossFit main page: What is CrossFit. Or take a look at this video:

What is Fitness?

Perhaps a better question to ask is “what is fitness”? Back when it was still a fledgling industry CrossFit headquarters tried to tackle this question. They first looked to conventional definitions of fitness and found them very imprecise and lacking in detail. CrossFit came up with three fitness standard, you can browse them in detail here. But probably the easiest one to conceptualize is “the hopper” model, their Second fitness standard. You probably know someone who is a distance runner or biker, but can they deadlift twice their bodyweight? Similarly you probably know a really big, strong person, but how long would it take them to run two miles? Or better yet, imagine you and your friend (a 200 pound male) go for a remote hike and he breaks his leg, could you carry him to safety? So let’s imagine every conceivable measure of fitness: swim a mile, pick up the heaviest weight you can, do 100 situps as fast as you can, jump as high as you can, run a 10k, etc. Now imagine we put all of those things into a giant hopper. We say that we’re going to pick out 3-5 of those things at random, and whoever can do all of those the best, overall, is the most fit. This is a model of fitness that expresses true preparation for anything life may throw at you. This is fitness. And CrossFit is the training methodology to get you to fitness.