It’s time to take your fitness to a new level. No matter your skill level, from beginner to advanced athlete, CrossFit Tempe is the challenge you’ve been craving.

You’ve heard of CrossFit, but is it right for you? The answer is a resounding YES!

Why, because at CrossFit Tempe our intimate class sizes allows for you to learn and be coached on proper form and movement. You won’t do any exercise until you say you’re ready. We scale the workout for every class and if needed for every athlete in that class. There is no pressure to do the weight that everyone else is doing. And all your statistics are electronically recorded so you have a record of how you are progressing. When you are ready, you will be coached and encouraged to go to your NEXT level. That is when you realize, WOW, I’d never do this in a nationwide corporate gym. This is working out! All of our Coaches are Certified with CrossFit HQ and have a variety of other specialization and coursework.

CrossFit Tempe

1828 E University Dr. #1
Tempe, AZ 85281
(480) 388-5434
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