Crossfit Betting Made Simple

With our guide, we are going to explain everything there is to know about Crossfit wagering. We will do a deep dive on bet types, bonuses, strategies, and a whole lot more. After finishing our piece you will be an absolute Crossfit gambling expert and be ready to make winning bets!

Finding A Great Sportsbook
Before you start dreaming of retiring early from your gambling winnings you need to find a reliable sportsbook that is safe and facilitates Crossfit betting. To find a great site follow these steps:

Check if the sportsbook has Crossfit betting markets – It doesn’t matter how good a sportsbook is if it doesn’t let you bet on Crossfit it is not worth your time
Ensure they are licensed – licensed sportsbooks must follow strict regulations relating to encryption, keeping your personal details hidden, and protecting players’ funds. It is much safer to bet with a licensed site.
Check out their bonuses – Top sites offer you a variety of bonuses that are easy to claim, are worth substantial amounts of cash, and can be easily withdrawn
Assess the site’s customer support – Top sites offer 24/7 customer support which can be accessed via email and live chat. A responsive and professional customer support team is incredibly important to keep your account safe and secure.
See what payment options they have – The best sportsbooks allow you to deposit and withdraw via e-wallets, crypto, bank transfer, and credit, and debit cards. They also process deposits and withdrawals instantly so you can gamble and cash out whenever you please.
If you assess sportsbooks based on the above criteria you will have no problem finding an amazing site to place wagers at. Once you have found your perfect site it is time to create an account!

How To Register
The next step you need to take is creating an account at your chosen sportsbook. This process is incredibly simple and can be typically completed in less than 5 minutes. Just follow these steps:

Fill in email and create a password
Type in personal details – name, address, date of birth, residence
Verify your account via email or mobile – the site will send you a confirmation link or text
Verify your ID – you will often have to send photos of your ID
Make a deposit – you can deposit instantly via a variety of methods including e-wallets, crypto, Visa, and Mastercard
Start gambling!
Once you have completed the registration process you are now ready to make some wagers. However, don’t go ahead and start making bets right away. Make sure you read our bonus and strategy section to improve your chance of winning big!

Claim A Bonus
After you have registered it is time to unlock a bonus. To attract new gamblers, sportsbooks will often provide amazing bonus deals. For example, you can typically receive a welcome promo when topping up your account. Sites will send you additional money based on how much you deposit. You can use this bonus cash to make wagers and win extra cash. To find out how to claim bonuses navigate to the bonus page of the site and always read the T&Cs as you will often have to meet roll over requirements prior to cashing out.

What Bets Can You Make On Crossfit?
Crossfit is a relatively new sport and has only recently become popular with gamblers. Currently, the Crossfit betting markets are small and you can only make bets on athletes to win the Crossfit Games. You can’t make prop bets or wager on competitors to win individual events. As the sport grows the betting markets are likely to expand and give you more options.

Crossfit Betting Strategies
If you want to be a successful gambler you can not just rely on blind luck to help you. No, you will need to come up with an in-depth winning strategy based on research and statistics. Lucky for you we are willing to share some of our profitable Crossfit gambling strategies which have been proven to be successful. These strategies can be implemented simply and today, check them out below:

Reduce your risk by hedging – To hedge you need to place a certain amount of cash on the heavy favorite. While you won’t get rich with this strategy it does allow you to chase big payouts on underdogs without incurring such heavy losses as a naked underdog strategy. Hedging is incredibly important in Crossfit as this sport is filled with dominant competitors who manage to win the Crossfit Games over and over again and go on long winning streaks, so placing a wager on them is very important.

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Pick a number of underdogs to wager on – Where Crossfit gamblers make money is by correctly picking an athlete to cause the upset. This is because sportsbooks will often give you incredible odds and it is not unheard of to receive 50 to 1 or higher when picking certain competitors to win the Crossfit Games. The amazing thing about Crossfit odds is that many of these underdogs have the perfect combination of high payouts while still having a great chance of winning. Take Annie Thorisdottir for example who was already a two time Crossfit Games champion (2011 and 2012) and a multiple-time podium finisher, well in 2021 you were paying out 40 to 1 to win and while she ultimately came 3rd, you definitely had a much higher chance of winning than the sportsbooks thought. To put yourself in the best position to pick the upset you need to find multiple competitors who are similar in skill level to Annie Thorisdottir and place some cash on each of them. If one does manage to win, you can always end up with some serious money, too!
Make A Wager
After checking out our Crossfit gambling guide, you now have all the information you need to easily make winning wagers. Just follow our steps:

Find a sportsbook
Claim a bonus
Follow our strategy
Place a bet!
By following our steps, you will be making profitable Crossfit wagers in minutes! Try out your luck today!