In this article, we are going to explain all there is to know about wagering on Crossfit. After checking out this piece you will have all the knowledge required to make profitable bets within minutes! Let’s get started!

How Does Crossfit Betting Work?

In Crossfit the athletes compete in multiple different events and receive points based on how high they place. After the competitors have completed all of the events the points are tallied and the competitor with the highest total is declared the winner. When wagering on this sport your goal is to identify which competitor is the best and going to accumulate the most points. Common events that are at the Crossfit Games include swimming, weightlifting, running, and other athletic exercises such as rope climbing, pull-ups, and handstand pushups. 

As Crossfit is a multi-discipline sport you need to be able to analyze an athlete’s strengths and weaknesses and determine how they will perform across all of the events. This can be challenging as some competitors will be amazing swimmers but may struggle running while others will be incredible weightlifters but be incredibly slow in the pool.

What Types of Wagers Can You Make?

As Crossfit is a relatively new sport the gambling markets are still developed. Currently, you can only wager on a competitor to win the entire Games. Unlike other sports, you can’t make interesting prop gambles. However, as the sport grows and becomes more popular with gamblers the betting markets are likely expand. Hopefully, soon you will be able to bet on athletes to win certain events rather than just the whole event.

Betting Strategies

To earn money wagering on this sport you need to develop a profitable strategy otherwise you are just relying on luck which won’t make you successful. Check out some of our favorite gambling strategies below:

  • Hedge by wagering on the heavy favorite – While you won’t get rich by betting on the heavy favorite you can reduce your risk by placing some money on them. Crossfit is a sport where you often see repeat champions so it makes sense to gamble some cash on the athlete who is likely to win.
  • Gamble on multiple underdogs – With Crossfit gambling you can find some big odds on underdogs including 5 to 1 or even 10 to 1. While the sportsbook doesn’t give these athletes much chance of winning, many of these athletes have placed in the top 5 before or even won the Games. For example, Annie Thorisdottir who is a two-time champion was a 40 to 1 underdog to win in 2021 and while she didn’t take the title she did manage to place 3rd. If you wager on 3 to 4 athletes like Annie Thorisdottir you can win huge if they manage to cause an upset.

Time To Gamble On Crossfit

Now you know everything about this great sport it is time to put our strategies into action. Remember to start small and bet on athletes who you think have a shot at winning, not just your favorite competitor!