If only earning money on Crossfit was as easy as just signing up to an online betting site, depositing some cash, and then placing a wager on your favorite competitor. Unfortunately, the sportsbooks are no strangers to setting odds and make it difficult to earn cash. However, if you follow our tips you can give yourself a great shot at picking Crossfit winners!

Unlock A Bonus

Online betting sites will offer you all kinds of bonuses especially if you are signing up for the first time. You can often receive bonus cash worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars when you make your initial deposit. This bonus cash can be used to help you earn extra money when betting on the Crossfit Games as now you can increase stake and make a large wager thanks to the sportsbook. Sites will also provide other promotional deals such as cashback where even if your Crossfit wager loses you can have a percentage of your stake returned. Before you claim a bonus make sure you compare multiple different betting sites to find the most lucrative deal. You also need to carefully read the terms and conditions as some sportsbooks force you to meet certain criteria before you can withdraw your bonus.

Bet On Multiple Crossfit Underdogs

Nobody gets rich betting on heavy favorites. To earn serious money from gambling on Crossfit you need to successfully pick an underdog who is paying huge odds to win the whole event. This is no easy task as there are so many different competitors to choose from and you don’t know who will have a great showing and perform above their potential. To increase your chance of earning cash you should come up with a list of 5 underdogs who have a real chance of causing the upset and place money on all of them. The likelihood of them winning should impact your wager size, for example, you might bet $20 on an underdog with a very unlikely shot at winning but $50 on another athlete who has a better chance.

Hunt For The Best Odds

Another useful tip that beginner Crossfit gamblers may not be aware of is that you need to shop around for the best odds. Sportsbooks offer all kinds of different odds and you can really increase your winnings by spending an extra hour finding a betting site with the highest odds. For example, you may find an athlete is paying out 10 to 1 on one site but is paying out 15 to 1 on another, this is a huge value that you can’t afford to just ignore. Remember never to settle for the odds you find at the first sportsbook you land on, always do some extra research.

Try Your Luck

Winning money from gambling on Crossfit is not easy but if you follow our tips and tricks you put yourself in a great position to make some extra cash. To get started all you need to do is sign up at a sportsbook (takes less than 5 minutes), claim a bonus, make a deposit and place some money on a few athletes. What are you waiting for?